Live Oak Collective


Live Oak Collective merges art with organizing to advance progressive social change. Steeped in the documentary tradition of photography and filmmaking, our members collaborate with individuals and organizations involved in social justice work to create unique and powerful stories and images. Artistic imagination, personal vision, and a passion for truth and justice are the foundation of Live Oak Collective. With everything we do, we aim to increase both the visibility and understanding of our partners’ work.

What We Do

We believe that storytelling and image-making are powerful, yet underutilized, ways for organizations and activists to communicate the meaning and importance of their work to colleagues, supporters, funders, and the outside world. Live Oak’s team collaborates with our partners to create visually striking, dramatically compelling photographs and films about the people, situations, and issues at the core of what they do, and we help distribute these stories and images to the public.

Our combined expertise in documentary filmmaking and photography, web design, organizing, and non-profit management allows us to customize projects to our partners’ needs, to create work that is of an exceptional artistic caliber, and to present it in a way to further our partners’ communication goals. With every project, our focus is two-fold:

More than anything, Live Oak Collective is committed to telling stories that lift up the important issues and questions of our time. We feel we can be most effective in developing these stories around specific campaigns or initiatives, and we partner with individuals and organizations across a wide range of issue areas. Live Oak is committed to working with like-minded organizations of all sizes, and we believe in making our services affordable to organizations and individuals with differing budgets and resources.