non-profit work

For many years I have worked with social justice and community organizations in the US south. This work has come to inform my photography and perspective on art in general as well. It has always been my goal to combine the two.

Recently, I have begun to  do that.  Working with two individuals, a filmmaker and a local activist, we have starting focusing our various media, art, journalistic, and non-profit experience on helping non-profits create compelling portraits of their work, constituents, and organizations. Having worked in the non-profit and community organizing world, I know first-hand that too often the organizations’ public face does not adequately present a picture of the important work.  Staff is often overloaded and budgets are tight.

We hope to address this need by integrating photography, film, web, and communications strategy into a compelling package that can help organizations reach their goals.

If you work for an organization that would be interested in partnering with us, or if you are interested in supporting our project or seeing how you can become involved, please contact me. We will post updates on the status of this project as it progresses.

Read more about our mission and work here.