Photos showing at Clementine Coffee Bar

04.04.08 / by

I’m excited to be showing about 30 or so images at a local coffee shop here in Austin during the month of April. Karinne, the owner, is an old friend and is allowing me the run of the place, so to speak, so it will be filled exclusively with my work. Please check it out if you’re in Austin. We’ll be hanging them this Sunday, April 6, and it will probably run for the rest of the month. The website for Clementine is at, and the map below will help you get there… Lots of thanks to Karinne, as well as Kymberlie and Billy Wood for helping me with the framing and hanging.

Thematically, this show will be all over the map. I’m hoping that it won’t be too visually disconcerting. Everything from my documentary style work from Latin America, the Middle East, and the US, to more fine-art prints and even some architectural work.

And of course, please get a cup of coffee and something to eat while you’re there. Clementine is one of my favorite local spots, as anyone who has seen the 10 half-filled coffee cards in my wallet can attest to. The staff are all very cool (the morning shift knows me as “Elliot’s dad”), and the coffee is very good.
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