“The Least of These” documentary premiering at South by Southwest

Earlier I wrote about a website I made for a documentary on the Hutto Detention facility in Taylor, Texas, which houses immigrant children and their families in what was once a medium-security prison. The documentary was recently revamped and completed, and was accepted into the yearly South by Southwest film and music festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.

Photos showing at Clementine Coffee Bar

I’m excited to be showing about 30 or so images at a local coffee shop here in Austin during the month of April.

Two great documentaries: Children in Jail and Inside the Circle

UPDATE:  The film on family dentention in the United States is now called, “The Least of These.”  Please check out their new website at theleastofthese-film.com. A new post is here.

I’ve been working for while now on a documentary short website, Children in Jail. It’s about the Hutto prison in Taylor, Texas, that holds families, including children. I recommend y’all check out the website (and give me feedback on the design): http://childreninjail.com.